Friendly and professional IT services for small businesses in the North West

Consultancy Services

If you have an IT related project on the horizon, or are looking to overhaul or implement new IT systems, then my friendly, informal consultancy service could save you thousands of pounds of costly mistakes, and/or drastically increase your productivity, and in turn your bottom line.

My consultancy service is geared specifically towards small and medium enterprises, offering very competitive rates against industry standards. This does not mean the advice given will be any less proficient – on the contrary, I have over 15 years experience working at all levels of IT service and support, but crucially extensive experience working with small businesses, and thus all advice can be tailored to your specific business, with the logistical and budget restrictions of a small business firmly in mind.

I offer a very service-orientated consultancy, with any advice given in a manner best suited to the target audience. If you have technically savvy staff, then we can discuss more technical aspects of the project in detail; if not, we can discuss your IT requirements in a very non-technical, easy-to-understand manner, simply outlining the potential benefits against the cost. Formal reports and follow-up advice is always on-hand depending on the project.

Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • Complete network installations or overhauls
  • Cloud based solutions
  • All Microsoft Server technologies, including Active Directory, Exchange and SQL
  • SMTP mail and spam filtering
  • Network security and anti-virus solutions
  • Remote access / cloud or VPN
  • Office moves
  • Backups, disaster recovery and high-availability

Whatever the size and scope of your project, the relevant advice early on is crucial. For a free, no obligation discussion into the requirements of your business, contact Alcram today, and I'll be happy to help.

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